DAMTA President’s Message
October 2017
Hello DAMTA!
Vince Madison here. I want to thank you all for being part of DAMTA. Our Fall Course is off to a great start with 2 fantastic presenters who treated us to some amazing performances! I want to thank everyone who has volunteered to serve on the board, as well as those who have volunteered to bring refreshments and signed up to host musicales.
I want to encourage those of you who may not be volunteering at this point to consider doing so. Hosting musicales is an area in which we can use help. I believe we had to cancel the Sept. musicale for lack of a host (not lack of students wanting to play.) Let’s try not to have that happen again!
I want to lay out my vision of what I want to see DAMTA accomplish. I believe that DAMTA is different in focus from the other MTNA groups around the Denver area in that our primary focus is teacher enrichment rather than providing student activities. Of course, we have the musicales, and the newly re-instated Spook-a thon. (Thank you Betsy Johnson and Evelyn Billberg!) But our main focus is the Fall Course and the spring presentations.
As we then are teacher-centered, it’s important that we continue to attract new teachers. I’ve seen a few new faces this year, and that’s wonderful. But I know there are literally hundreds of young music teachers in the Denver area that don’t even know DAMTA exists. That’s why I’m focused on re-doing our website to generate more leads. I want to be able to tell prospective new members that if they join DAMTA, we have an effective website that will refer students to them. (I could say that now, but not with a straight face!)
I’m still in the process of getting quotes for the new website. I hope to have the new website up and running before the end of this school year.
So, if you know any teachers that are not in DAMTA, invite them to a meeting. Especially if you know any young teachers starting out. They will benefit from contact with our more experienced members.
I look forward to seeing you all at the next Fall Course!
Vince Madison
DAMTA President


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