Here are some templates and process documents to help you as you host your musicale event.  If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to the Musicales Chair, Dr. Thomas White (  

Detailed Process With Templates

1)  Send An Invitation To DAMTA Teachers and Students (3-4 Weeks Prior)

Send out a Passalong Email three or four weeks before the musicale to invite DAMTA members to sign up their students.  They should include the performers’ names, musical selections, and the length of the performance.  Include a deadline (the deadline is up to you, we recommend a deadline of at least three days prior) for them to sign up.  We also recommend sending a follow-up email a week or so before the event.  The host also has the option to choose a theme for the musicale.  Musicale Hosts are required to send out the invitation as least two weeks before the sign-up deadline.
An invitation email template is below if you need some assistance.
Passalong Emails are sent using the following Email Address:
Link to the Musicale Sign-Up Form (through Google):
Hello DAMTA Teachers,
I’m excited to be hosting the upcoming musicale!  We are looking for student performers to sign up and join us for the event! If any of your students are interested, please share the short form (Link Below) and have it filled out!  All ages, instruments, and skill levels are welcome to participate!  Here are the details!
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Classic Pianos of Denver 
(1332 S. Broadway, Denver, CO 80210)
Sign-Up Deadline:
Musicale Fee: $10 per performer
**This fee can be paid in advance using the PayPal Donate Link on the DAMTA page or in person before the event.  Teachers may also help by collecting fees on behalf of their students.
For any students participating, the form above needs to be filled out.  This covers all the information and permissions required for the event.  Let me know if you have any questions or need anything further.

 2)  Create A Concert Program (3 or 4 Days Prior)

You may use the templates provided below to create your program or create your own as long as the DAMTA Logo and Donate Link are included.  Please bring enough copies of the program for your audience on the day of the musicale.  You may be reimbursed for up to $10 in printing costs.  Each musicale should last no longer than 60 minutes.  If there is high demand for a particular date, another performance may be added with the same host or another.

          PROGRAM TEMPLATES: You may download and customize these for your musicale

          ~ FOR WINDOWS (Word): CLICK HERE

          ~ FOR MAC (Pages): CLICK HERE

3)  Send Program Confirmation Email & Information to Participants (2-3 Days prior)
A few days before the musicale, the host should send an email confirming the program details (songs, composers, etc.) to the participants and their teachers.  The host should attach a copy of the musicale program to the email.  This can also be a good time to send event information to the participants and families.  We recommend sending the email below with your concert program attached.  You can easily access email addresses for the performers and teachers from the Google sign-up form.

I’m excited that you will be participating in the upcoming musicale!  Please review the attached program document and let me know if the information is correct.  To help you prepare for the event, I’m including some information below.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Student Musicale Information

Start Time: 2:00pm (This is always the start time unless otherwise noted)

Call Time: Performers should plan to arrive and check in with the host by 1:45pm.

Location: Classic Pianos of Denver

1332 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

Recital Space Details: The recital space is on the ground floor of the Classic Pianos building.  As you enter through the main doors, turn toward your right and proceed straight ahead. You will see a sign for DAMTA and a pile of concert programs on the table.  Restrooms are available in the hallway on the other side of the recital space.  Accessibility:  There is a wheelchair ramp on the east side of Classic Pianos.  Please let the musicale host know if you need to enter using this ramp, so they can unlock the east entrance to the building.

Parking: Parking is available at Classic Pianos on the south side of the building.  There is also street parking available nearby.

Etiquette:  Performers, Teachers, and attendees should all be courteous and respectful of everyone at the concert site.  Performers should be musically prepared, but memorization is not required.  Performers should introduce themselves and the piece(s) they will play beforehand and then take a bow after the performance is complete.

Attire:  Performers should wear clothing suitable for a recital performance: no gym shorts, tank tops, or flip-flops.  The performers should present themselves well but still be comfortable for the concert.

Performance Environment:  At DAMTA, we strive to create an environment where students feel supported and encouraged.  If the performer feels scared or nervous about the performance, they can let a teacher know at any time.  The teacher is free to sit with them at their instrument or help the student in whatever manner best suits the situation.

Photography and Video:  Attendees can take pictures or videos at the event.  However, please be mindful that flash photography is not allowed and would distract performers.  

ZOOM VIEWING:  For those unable to attend this event in person, we offer a zoom Livestream as an alternative.  Here is the ZOOM LINK:    


Musicale Fee: Performers in this musicale are required to pay a fee of $10.  The performers may pay this using the Paypal link on the DAMTA page or pay directly before the musicale.  Teachers may also collect the students’ fees on their behalf.

Thank you again for participating in this performance.  I’m happy to help if you have any questions or need any assistance.

For any other questions, please get in touch with the musicale host.

4) Utilize Zoom Livestream for the Musicale  

This year, we’re aiming to offer hybrid viewing of our musicales (Live and Online over Zoom).  DAMTA has an account available that you can use.  Send an invitation with the Zoom ID, passcode, and link to all participating teachers; the teachers can pass this along to performers and their families.  If you need guidance in using Zoom, please get in touch with Joshua Zabatta (  Here is the Zoom LiveStream Information (also included in the Confirmation Email Template).  We strongly recommend having online performers send a video file ahead of time.


5)  Musicale Setup And Hosting (45-60 Minutes Before)

Our contact at Classic Pianos will ensure the space is open and available. The host should arrive at least 45 minutes early to prepare the space.    The host should check in the performers, collect musicale fees, introduce themselves at the beginning of the musicale, and be prepared to speak to parents and teachers about DAMTA benefits.

6)  Post-Performance

After the performance, pictures of the performers and teachers are greatly encouraged.  The host and assistant should pack up the Livestream equipment in the DAMTA bag and make sure the television and other equipment are moved back to storage.  Any fees or donations from the event should be given to the Musicale Chair or another board member for deposit into the scholarship fund.  Lastly, the host must send a copy of the program to the musicale chair.

You may contact the musicale chair, Dr. Thomas White, at with any questions.