DAMTA presents a Musicale one Sunday per month.  Musicales give students of DAMTA teachers the opportunity to perform in a welcoming and supportive environment.  You can sign up to participate in a musicale today!  

Students of all instruments, ages, and levels are encouraged to perform.


October 15, 2023

LOCATION: Classic Pianos of Denver (1332 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210)

HOST: Host Needed For This Musicale


If you’re a DAMTA member teacher, you can sign up to host or assist with this musicale. Reach out to our musicale chair to sign up to host. ( See below for more ways to get involved!

Sign Up and Perform!

If your teacher is a member of DAMTA, you can sign up for a musicale here or through your teachers.  The Musicale host sends out a Passalong Email to all DAMTA teachers with the signup information for the event.  Let your teacher know right away if you’re interested in performing!

Host A Musicale!

Calling all DAMTA teachers!  You can sign up here to host a musicale or assist another musicale in progress.  Hosting is relatively simple and is a great way to connect with other studios in the Denver area.

Reach out to Dr. Thomas White for more info:

Donate to Scholarships!

You can donate to the DAMTA scholarship fund using the button provided.  For Musicale participants, the musicale fee is $10 per student.

Thank you for supporting DAMTA!


Most musicales take place at Classic Pianos of Denver (1332 S. Broadway, Denver, CO 80210).

October 15, 2023, @ 2:00pm

HOST: Sign Up To Host This Musicale!


November 12, 2023, @ 2:00pm

HOST: Nazila Nekoorad


December 10, 2023, @ 2:00pm

HOST: Sign Up To Host This Musicale!


February 25, 2024, @ 2:00pm

HOST: Dr. Thomas White

THEME: Black History Month Musicale

LOCATION: Hamilton Recital Hall at the

                      University of Denver 

March 10, 2024, @ 2:00pm

HOST: Jennifer Bowlds


April 14, 2024, @ 2:00pm

HOST: Ben Raznick


May 19, 2024, @ 2:00pm

HOST: Elana Newman


Student Musicale Guidelines

For Participants & Teachers

1)  Sign Up to Participate

Any interested performers can sign up through their teacher and fill out the provided form.

2)  Preparation

The student should be prepared musically, but memorization is optional.  Teachers should prepare their students with essentials for performance, including how to walk on stage, what to wear, how to introduce yourself/your piece, and how to bow.

3)  Musicale Fee

We require a $10 fee for each musicale participant.  This covers costs for DAMTA to put on events like this and supply funds to our scholarship program.  Teachers may collect these fees from the students.  Students can also pay using the Donate Link on this page or pay in person before the performance.

4)  Access & Participation

Each participating teacher should take up at most 1/3 of the program length.  One of the excellent benefits of these musicales is the mixing of our students and teachers.  Students of all ages, skill levels, and instruments are welcome to perform in our musicales.  Every student, teacher, and audience member should be supportive of the other participants.

5)  Copyright Policy

Copyright laws must be observed; all music must be an original publication, licensed for reprint, or in the public domain.  Photocopying copyrighted music is illegal.

You may contact the musicale chair, Dr. Thomas White, at with any questions.

For Musicale Hosts




Interested in Hosting a Musicale but not ready to do it on your own?

No problem!  Reach out to our musicale chair to see how you can assist or co-host a musicale while you learn the ropes.

Contact the musicale chair, Dr. Thomas White, at with questions or anything else you may need.