Student Musicales

DAMTA presents a Musicale on one Sunday per month, this is a performance opportunity for students of DAMTA teachers, and a great way for our students to hear performances from other studios.  Each musicale is hosted by a DAMTA volunteer, the host will share information about the upcoming musicale via Passalongs.  Musicales will take place on Zoom until further notice.  There is no fee to participate in musicales this year, but performers are strongly encouraged to make a donation towards the DAMTA scholarship fund.  

Upcoming Musicales

Sun Sep 19, 2021 @2pm  Zoom Recital


Oct 24 2021 @ 2pm Zoom Recital


Sun Nov 14 2021 @2pm  Zoom Recital


Sun Dec 12 2021 @ 2pm  Zoom Recital

Sun Feb 13 2022 @2pm @2pm  Zoom Recital


Sun Mar 13 2022 @2pm  Zoom Recital


Sun Apr 10 2022  @2pm  Zoom Recital


Sun May 15 2022 @2pm  Zoom Recital


Musicale Hosts: Download a program template you can customize for your musicale:

For Windows click here

for Mac click here

If you are participating in a DAMTA Zoom Musicale, you can donate to the DAMTA Scholarship fund using the button to the right.

The suggested donation is $5 per student.  But any amount is appreciated.  Thank you for supporting DAMTA!

Student Musicale Guide

Student Musicales are monthly performance opportunities for students of DAMTA members.  Each musicale is hosted by a DAMTA volunteer, thank you to all of our volunteer hosts!

Here is what you all need to know about the musicales this season:

  • Musicales are to take place on Zoom until further notice. The scheduled times do reflect our reservation times at Classic Pianos so when we decide it’s time to start in person again the times will not have to change.
  • Each participating teacher (including the host) should take up no more than ⅓ of the program length, one of the greatest benefits of these musicales is mixing our students and teachers together.
  • There will be no fee to participate in the musicales this year, however donations from performers towards our scholarship fund is encouraged.  This can be done using the PayPal link found on the student musicale page on DAMTA’s website.
  • The student should be thoroughly prepared musically, but memorization is not required.  
  • For online musicales the program will be limited to 45 minutes, and performers can be encouraged to get creative with staging, including members from their household in their performance or whatever ideas they come up with!  Students should also be prepared to introduce their piece in lieu of having a printed program.
  • For musicales at Classic Pianos, the program will be limited to 60 minutes and teachers should prepare their students with performance etiquette: entrance, bowing, dress.
  • Copyright laws must be observed; all music must be an original publication, licensed for reprint, or in the public domain.  Photocopying of copyrighted music is illegal.  

Here is what you need to know as a host:

  1. Send out a Passalong about two weeks before the musicale to invite DAMTA members to sign up their students, they should include performers’ names, musical selections and length of performance.  Include a deadline (the deadline is up to you) for them to sign up by.       
  2. Encourage performers to donate to our scholarship fund. There will be a PayPal link on our website for donations, please include this in your email to your performers.  
  3. Zoom Information For musicales hosted on Zoom you may either use your own account if you have one with unlimited time, or DAMTA has an account available that you can use.  Send an invitation with Zoom ID, passcode and link to all participating teachers; the teachers can pass this along to performers and their families.  If you need any guidance for using Zoom please reach out to Megan Koegel at
  4. Create a program for the musicale. You can use the template provided in the members only area of our website, or you may create your own as long as it includes the DAMTA logo.  Please bring enough copies of the program for your audience on the day of the musicale.  You may be reimbursed for up to $10 in printing costs.  After the musicale, please send a PDF of the program to   

For online musicales, a formal program is not necessary.  However a record of performers and their pieces should still be submitted to the musicale chair.  

  1. Themes If there is a designated theme for the musicales you are hosting, please encourage exploration of music appropriate for the theme.  Any participation in the musicale should however be encouraged, whether it is related to the theme or not.  
  2. For musicales at Classic Pianos, you may arrive up to 30 minutes early to get into the space.  Each musicale should last about an hour, if there is a high demand for a particular date second recital may be added.  It is up to the host whether they would like to host a second recital, or recruit another participating teacher to host.

You may contact the musicale chair, Megan Koegel at with any questions.