DAMTA President’s Message
Oct. 2016
Hello DAMTA!
I want to throw something out there that’s been bugging me. I’ve always tried to get my young (and not so young!) students to count out loud. They always resist it, but their rhythm always improves when they do. I also encourage use of a metronome to develop playing with a steady beat. My experience with recording with a click track in studio sessions tells me that this is an absolutely valuable skill.
I was surprised then to see that when I replied to a post in an online teacher’s forum about counting out loud, not a few teachers seemed strongly opposed to both counting out loud and using a metronome! I didn’t see that they had any better answers to developing rhythm.
Let me know what you all do to develop rhythm in your students. Counting out loud, metronome or something else? I am putting this message up on the DAMTA Facebook page. Here’s the link:
Leave a comment with your thoughts!
Vince Madison
DAMTA President


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