DAMTA President’s Message

Oct 2018

Hello DAMTA!

Vince Madison your president here.  This month I want to say a few words about how as teachers we have a responsibility to be role models for our students.   We interact one on one with our students more than most of the adults in their lives.  They may spend more time with coaches and teachers, but those are in groups.  Those young eyes and ears are always learning, and not just about the subjects we think we are teaching.

In observing the news and society around me, I have noticed a big trend toward selfishness.  Both on the national stage and in people’s day to day behavior, selfishness in on the march.  And what’s more, its practitioners are increasingly unapologetic.  Not only will people cut you off on the highway, but proudly display their middle finger while doing so!

There is no shortage of bad influences out there for our students.  But I know the members of DAMTA well enough to know that we can offer a counter-balance to those influences.  We can be kind.  We can be fair.  We can be compassionate.  We can be friendly, happy and welcoming.  And we can show them that creating beauty in the world is one of mankind’s most worthwhile endeavors.

By being generous with our time, attention and empathy, we can show our kids that a kind smile feels better than a harsh glare.  That you can be effective, competent and compassionate.  That respect and affinity are not only compatible, but natural companions.

I’m not asking you to do anything you are not probably already doing.  I know how caring and thoughtful you all are.  This is just a reminder that what we are all doing is important, and I salute you for it!

Vince Madison

DAMTA President