DAMTA President’s Message

March 2018

Hello DAMTA!

The ”President’s Message” is appropriately titled this month.  I’ve been DAMTA president since 2013-14.  That means I am in the middle of my 5th year.  I really enjoy being president of DAMTA.  But I think I should pass the baton on soon.

I have just finished the re-vamp of the DAMTA website (http://damta.org)  as you probably already know.  That is the first step of my effort to revitalize DAMTA.  I want to turn the DAMTA website into a place where Denver area residents go when they need a music teacher.  The idea is that when young teachers ask “Why should I join DAMTA?”, we’ll be able to list as one of the benefits that we regularly receive requests for lessons, so we can be a source of new students, as well as the many other educational benefits DAMTA has to offer.

I am willing to serve as president one more year to put this plan fully into place.  But if anyone else wants to step up to serve as President starting in the fall, I’ll be happy to simply maintain the website and work on promoting to get more hits on the DAMTA website from prospective students.  Email me ASAP at mail@vincemadison.com if you are interested.

But if no one is ready to step up now, I just want to give my notice that I will be retiring after next year.  So notice has been served!!

I am grateful for the opportunity to have served as your president.  Thank you for your trust.  I’ll see you at the March membership meeting.

Vince Madison / DAMTA President


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